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Puppets, Music and Sharing

Today Becky and Arun were introduced to the group and the children applauded Arun’s clarinet playing however considering how few children played musical instruments in the group it was fantastic to hear the atmospheric music they created as a group (with Arun as conductor, of course!) Some even played music later on in the day with their group’s specific scenes in mind, from eerie, to magic to cricket, they played the full range.

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Like Robert Mellors, the Courtier puppets had the chance to bow to a real king…puppet and the processed and bowed with grace after sues puppetry workshop.

We finished the day with a song that is familiar to the facilitators as it is infections, an ear worm if you like, we created a new verse with questions from the children, including is there life on mars? Birbal knows Birbal Knows, why does rain fall from the sky? Birbal knows Birbal knows etc.

Mayflower and Mashi Sharing 


We started with a vocal warm up with Becky the groups jumped straight into singing the Akbar and Birbal song and also learnt a new verse. They even added some actions!

In their groups they had continued to devise and extend their scenes, constantly challenging what was possible in the few short hours until the sharing.

Later on huzaifah and zaydan had created and rehearsed some musical accompaniment to their groups scene with they were so happy that they said Arun was EPIC!

The children performed and the younger year groups laughed, voted an appropriate punishment (I think prison won!) and some even sang along to the Akbar and Birbal song.

Whilst capturing some of the children’s thoughts on the three days with Mashi Theatre the word EPIC! was used again.


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