Mashi is in Mumbai to connect with Thespo Theatre and make a show… and you’re invited to join the Mumbai Madness. Enjoy! Also keep up to date via Twitter @MashiTheatre or follow us on Facebook Mashi Theatre

Rehearsals – Week One

On 28th Nov, I met seven young talented young women (6 performers & a stage manager – the luxury!). With an idea to make a show together about what it’s like to be a woman growing up in modern day Mumbai, to learn puppetry skills for the first time, then showcase this work at Thespo 18 Festival and all in just 3 hrs rehearsals a day… who was it that told me I may sometimes be a little too ambitious?!

We got to know each other swiftly, playing games, sharing ‘cutting tea’, idlies and stories. Many humorous, some a little more painful but familiar to us, the way childhood fairy stories might be but more uncomfortable, with the conclusion yet to come.

Getting to know our puppet ‘Mujer’with an intensive puppetry day, Sat 3rd Dec 2016.


Exploring who inspires us, they were mostly outside the formal education system! Using a little Frantic Assembly inspired movement.

The day ‘Mujer’ nearly got hitched. She did look beautiful!

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