Mashi’s Mumbai Arrival


Mashi is in Mumbai to connect with Thespo Theatre and make a show… and you’re invited to join the Mumbai Madness. Enjoy! Also keep up to date via Twitter @MashiTheatre or follow us on Facebook Mashi Theatre

Mashi’s Mumbai Arrival

After reluctantly leaving Ahmedabad, my new friends, social life (this is India after all) and dream of permanently working with the brilliant Manav Sadhana. Amidst pockets of time in the Gandhian research team, who are the most humble and extremely knowledgeable folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time with. I arrived in Mumbai.

The good news- I was able to get ₹2000 out of the cash machine.

The bad news- no-one has any change to be able to accept it!

The better news – the Indian heart is bigger than I could possibly imagine.

Once again, I have no option but to ride the wave of that beautiful blend of human kindness and hold on tight, you never know what’s going to happen. Especially when you’re in a car intentionally driving the wrong way down the road and when you go to click in your belt in you realise the connector has been cut out, wonder why and look up to see the headlights of A bus coming towards you.

Both myself and currently unnamed ‘mujer‘ puppet beautifully designed and made by Sue Pyecroft met with Meghana from Thespo after months of Skyping! I can confirm that they are super lovely, super keen & super efficient. I think we’re going like Mumbai…

Welcome to Mumbai

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