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The Image of the Child

Today’s theme the image of the child, is possibly the root of the Reggio approach.James Hillman, author of ‘Politics of Beauty’ said

“Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny.”

In Reggio, they view the child in the womb as an already active and unique person, each with their own stamp of uniqueness; a potential to reveal something to the world that has never been seen before. It is therefore the Schools responsibility to give value to these blueprints entering through their doors. 
Children hold a natural curiosity and enjoy a often risky interrogation of the surroundings they find themselves in. In Italian they say that they are ‘unbalanced towards challenge’ meaning they lean towards challenge. This challenging being both to their environment and themselves. 
As educators we can hypothesis about how the children may respond to situations presented to them, however, through listening to the children they can show us the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Together we have been doing a lot of wondering (and also wandering, reflecting and discussing), a question that came up, which would be interesting to get thoughts on…
Does the word ‘allow’ provoke a hierarchy? 

We allow children to do certain things and does this work both ways?
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