Mashi is in Mumbai to connect with Thespo Theatre and make a show… and you’re invited to join the Mumbai Madness. Enjoy! Also keep up to date via Twitter @MashiTheatre or follow us on Facebook Mashi Theatre

Thespo18 is here. Show Time at Prithvi Theatre


Having arrived in India with 530 rupees and a puppet, just a few weeks later I am a rich woman. Rich in ideas, friendships, kindness, laughter, not to mentioned the delicious food and teamed with incredible indian women and it is all these things that have been a part of creating ‘Mujer’. Ladies and Gentlemen…we have a show and we are ready for an audience.

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Week Two #MumbaiMashi


‘Mujer’ by any other name would be as sweet

Well… the good news is that we now have an additional hour to rehearse bringing our rehearsals to four hours a day. Phew!

Location: Adarsh Nagar, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400102, India

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Rehearsals – Week One


On 28th Nov, I met seven young talented young women (6 performers & a stage manager – the luxury!). With an idea to make a show together about what it’s like to be a woman growing up in modern day Mumbai, to learn puppetry skills for the first time, then showcase this work at Thespo 18 Festival and all in just 3 hrs rehearsals a day… who was it that told me I may sometimes be a little too ambitious?!

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In pictures


Sunset at Juju beach

The source of pages…
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Mashi’s Mumbai Arrival


After reluctantly leaving Ahmedabad, my new friends, social life (this is India after all) and dream of permanently working with the brilliant Manav Sadhana. Amidst pockets of time in the Gandhian research team, who are the most humble and extremely knowledgeable folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time with. I arrived in Mumbai.

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Monkeying around with Gandhi


Made it to India with 530 Rupees in my pocket. Enough to get me a small bottle of water and a rickshaw to where I’m staying. Oh yeah – no one can get any money out of the banks as the government has announced that all 500 and 1000 rupee notes are now illegal. Rich in people’s kindness and sheer generosity of which here at the Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, Gujarat there is an abundance. I now see where you Leicester folks get it. More soon.

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