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A picture speaks a thousand words, here's a few thousand words…

Considering we haven’t as yet officially started the programme, it has been a very busy day getting to know the town, and I have the aching legs to prove it, but it was worth every step. We were taken on a tour of the town by a group of kind volunteers, proud to show us around their town, and what better place to start than in the theatre. The group expanded to nearly 400 teachers and educators who have travelled from all around the world to be here. I have connected with people from America, Australia, Turkey, Belgium (and Derby)! Here is a glimpse of where it all happens.

The only theatre curtain in the world designed and made by Children.
A great spot to watch both children and adults dare each other to risk the walk through the fountain, they didn’t all make it out dry!

This sculpture depicts the struggle both during and after WWII, which the people of Reggio Emilia went through before adopting there unique and inspiring approach to learning. Look carefully at the faces.

Signing off at 27°
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