Dinner in the piazza
Below are some pictures of the Remida recycling centre, that does not mean to say everything here is recycled but donated from companies that no longer had use for them. They have been given the chance of a new life, through the minds and imaginations of Reggio children. A similar philosophy to scrap stores in the UK? Find your local scrap store here
Remida Recycling Centre
Cotton reels.
It is amazing what can be constructed with material considered as rubbish.
It’s all about the presentation
One green bottle.
And not an egg in sight.
It has been an intense and somewhat emotional week. In concluding, Amelia Gambetti said, ‘many people leave Reggio Emilia with more questions than when they arrived’, she continued ‘this is a good thing, as it means the door is left open for further communication and connection to the Reggio family.’ It is just that, a family who wishes to provide their children a ‘special pocket’ which they can dip into in order to deal with whatever life throws at them. In the meantime, they promised to continue to tell the story of what they were doing in Reggio Emilia schools, to talk about the processes and share dreams.
Lorris Malaguzzi once described those working in schools as ‘Professionals in the art of Wonder’ and it is with wonder that I leave Reggio Emilia, and a deep gratitude to all those that have shared with us.
I hope together we can continue to grow on this shared journey filled with challenges and joy.
We had a short time to take in some other areas that Reggio is well know for.
Here are some pictures from the Cheese factory.
The Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese factory, can you smell it?
It takes 16 litres (4.23 gallons) of milk to make 1 kilo of cheese!
And finally, Children’s thoughts on wishes and what/who can have them…
‘Even a line can wish, it wishes to be drawn one day, to be given life’ (Arianna 6.10 years)
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