How can we reverse the decline in Asian audiences?

How can we reverse the decline in Asian audiences?
A recent study showed that theatregoing in Asian communities is on the decline. Trina Haldar writes on why letting young audiences see themselves on stage is key.

A recent article in The Stage titled Asian audiences ‘turning away from the arts’ reported that “only 59% of people with an Asian background said they had engaged in the arts in the last year compared to 78% from the white and 70% from the black ethnic groups. Over the past 10 years, there has also been a “significant” decline – of seven percentage points – of the proportion of Asian people engaging in the arts.”

It’s not new to hear that certain voices and faces are missing across our screens and stages, but to learn that this number is actually on the decline is saddening, if not surprising. If we really want to make a change then we must own a shared vision as an industry. With the limited funding available, a way forward would be to pool our resources and commit to that change, and not just for Diwali.

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